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Unstructured Data Unravelled

When will the AI butler be here?

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George Mathew Of Kespry, Adaptability And The Forces Of Change Of Data

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Why You’re Missing The Point Of Analytics

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The (Not So Subtle) Art of Not Giving A Fuck About Data

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Why People Are Lying To You About Big Data

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How to create a data flywheel for your business

Why you should stop building infrastructure products

Why Every Business Should Become A Data Business

In Case You Missed It, July Recap

How to become a data business

What is Surgical Fine-Tuning and Why You Should Care

How to choose your LLM architecture - Yes, you should have one

Data-Heavy Product Idea Checklist

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Everything you need to know about geometric deep learning

Why you need to ditch dbt for SQLMesh today

Don’t be a ducker

In Case You Missed It: May 2023 Recap

Probably a good investment

Get into the gAI protection business

You’re harming other people with data - you just don’t know it

The vector database hype explained - the story of Victor, Hector, and Lecter

April 2023 Recap of “Three Data Point Thursday” and more.

Why dbt Labs acquired Transform

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