Sitemap - 2022 - Three Data Point Thursday

Thoughtful Tuesday #23: DbtLabs need to grow up their pricing strategy - big time.

Thoughtful Friday #22: The 2022 Data World in Three Words: I was wrong - 6 Truths I didn't understand 365 days ago.

Data and Predictions for 2023! ThDPTh #81

Thoughtful Friday #22: Gartner is Wrong. Big Data will be Bigger Than Ever - and You Too, if You Embrace it.

Crypto Collapse, Great Dbt Models, Gartner D&A Summit; ThDPTh #80

# 100th Newsletter - Let’s look back just for 3 minutes

The visible hand of data, lakesFS, dbt doc blocks; ThDPTh #79

Thoughtful Friday #20: TerraGrunt & Where is DataGrunt?

Finding business models for data companies, staying up to date, building open source; ThDPTh #78

Thoughtful Friday #19: One Orchestrator to Rule them all

Fast Moving Waters,, Competing on Cost; ThDPTh #77

Thoughtful Friday #18: Winning in Snowflake-like Markets

Protecting open source, how to build analytics pipelines, catching tax cheaters; ThDPTh #76

Thoughtful Friday #17: Open Source Business Strategies & Types of Open Source

Dagster 1.0, VAST, Democratic AI; ThDPTh #75

Thoughtful Friday #16: Why you should DAG twice

3-Level data lakes, dbt snapshotting, Nbdocs; ThDPTh #74

Thoughtful Friday #16: The game devs are ahead of all of us

SCDs, data-centric AI, data science infrastructure; ThDPTh #73

Thoughtful Friday #15: State Data Mesh Tooling

DeDa, B/G DBs, chaos days for data teams; ThDPTh #72

Thoughtful Friday #14: Hypergrowing Communities & Stories - Deconstructing Airbyte, Dbt, Levels

Last Mile of Analytics, Encrypted Spark, Barr Moses; ThDPTh #71

Thoughtful Friday #13: Encrypt Every Analytical Data Store, Completely!

Data Mesh Research,, a16z data architectures in 2022; ThDPTh #70

Thoughtful Friday #12: Thin vs. Fat Platforms

NordicData Architecture, Functional Data Engineering, 3 Trees; ThDPTh #69

Thoughtful Friday #11: Realtime data is underrated

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Embrace the complexity of data, data workflows, Miro & data monitoring; ThDPTh #67

Thoughtful Friday #10: The Collison Brothers, Diataxis & Documentation

Real-Time dbt + trino, Cookies, Top50 Data; ThDPTh #66

Open Source Data Reliability, Joyful Data Devs, TechRadar 26; ThDPTh #65

Thoughtful Friday #11; Designing Great Data Apps

Airflow at Scale, SQL+Jinja or Not, X is the next big thing; ThDPTh #64

Kensu, Maxime on DE, Pricing is hard; ThDPTh #63

Web3 Leaders vs Data Leaders

No Code, FLAIR, Object Storage; ThDPTh #62

Data Leadership, Learn Hex, Starships Data Mesh; ThDPTh #61

Ukraine; ThDPTh #60

News From Sven - Data Mesh in Action, Data as Code, Data Mesh on GCP

Thoughtful Friday #9: DataOps, DataMesh, The Missing Piece

Iceberg, Photobox, Data Versioning; ThDPTh #59

Airbyte vs Meltano, OS Book, Kestra; ThDPTh #58

Thoughtful Friday #8: 10 Things Every Data PM Should Stop Doing

Data Product Management x2, Columns as Contracts; ThDPTh #57

Amazon AI Superpowers, DataOps with Chris, TrinoDB; ThDPTh #56

Thoughtful Friday #7: FastCI - The Missing CI/CD Tool for the emerging Data & Software World

Effective DS Infra, MetaCards, Data Domains; ThDPTh #55

Prof. Wider on Data Mesh, TASTI, MDM, and AI; ThDPTh #54

Thoughtful Friday #6: Data as Code - Cutting Things Smaller

Zingg, Data Meshes, Dagster; ThDPTh #53

NFTs -> Data, Product Thinking, Nbdev; ThDPTh #52