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Interesting article...

We believe it all starts with the people! Without their buy in or understanding as to what insights will make a real difference to their businesses, then all the reports and dashboards under the sun won't make a blind bit of difference.

As an analytics solution provider to the Construction Industry (the only provider really tackling this tough nut in the World!) we start with what inisghts, if bought early enough to the business, could make a difference, if actions are taken early enough based on the insights. Time to insight is cricitcal. The data and the BI tool(s) are only the enabler they are not the answer... it is all about understanding the business, the business process and the key decisions that will make a difference. The Construction Industry is starting to wake up, but there is still some way to go to reach the tipping point.

So our methodolgoy starts with the WHY, not with the HOW or the WHAT, and by doing this we belive we will help change the Construction Industry!!

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